welcome to my homepage (is not done)

check out my oc from BFDI wiki

don't interact with me if you're one of these:

  • one of those annoying k-pop stans

  • a person who does have terrible anger issues (can still with interact with me if you want, just dont get too spicy)

  • if your account is intended to be 18+ (or if you like 18+ stuff)

here's what i like:

  • rhythm heaven

  • object shows (like BFDI)

  • famous youtubers (markiplier, pewdiepie, jacksepticeye, and so on)

  • anything that's on my sense of humor

  • SMG4

  • JJBA i guess???

  • roblox (not really interested in it now)

  • friday night funkin

  • vinesauce (and red vox too)

  • homestar runner

that's it goodbye

( Made with Carrd )